Programs, Outings and Watermark University Classes

There is always something happening at Raincross at Riverside. Cultural programs, interesting classes and Extraordinary Outings are simply a part of everyday life. There’s always plenty to do with friendly neighbors.

Stimulating the mind and strengthening the body have enormous benefits at any age. That’s why, as part of Watermark Retirement Communities, we created Watermark University. You’ll love having unlimited access to all our mind and body fitness classes just steps from your door. Our course catalog is chock full of fun classes so you can learn (or teach) something new every day. These classes aren’t just for residents. Call to enroll in a class or two today.

Sample Classes Include:

  • Wii Sports
  • Walking Club
  • Yoga
  • Manicures & Massages
  • Pet Therapy
  • Creative Arts
  • Bible Study

Watermark Retirement Communities brings you the innovation of Virtual Reality

Visit Paris at a moment’s notice. Swim with dolphins. Go back to your childhood home. Experience the Apollo 11 mission. All this and more is possible without having to pack a suitcase with EngageVR at Watermark communities. Learn More About Virtual Reality at Watermark

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