Bon Appétit with Thrive Dining™

Thrive Dining™ is a revolutionary dining program designed to restore the dignity and enjoyment of mealtime for individuals with cognitive or physical challenges. Thrive Dining™ features Watermark Communities’ Chef recipes and high quality, freshly prepared gourmet menu items, transformed into incredibly tasty, nutritionally balanced, protein packed meals. Watermark Chefs start by using the Grind Dining “patent-pending” process of grinding and preparing the cooked foods on that day’s traditional meal menu in a unique way that retains their taste, texture and flavor. Then they beautifully present the same meal served as one-bite and two-bite hors d’oeuvres, intended to be eaten by hand, so that every individual is empowered to thoroughly enjoy their meal with dignity and without assistance. Thrive Dining™ engages the senses, promotes a healthy appetite, guarding against unintentional weight loss and significantly enhances the dining experience for those with cognitive or physical challenges and for their loved ones.

What sounds good to eat?
At Watermark, we believe that question should be the start of a joyful dining experience. It shouldn’t be a reminder of difficulties eating, the need for assistance with every bite, or favorite foods deemed off limits. However, when physical or cognitive challenges exist, that is too often the case. Now, favorite foods can be enjoyed without assistance, without utensils and without while enjoying a meal with family or friends. With the Thrive Dining™ program in place, this question, “What sounds good to eat?” will whet the appetite of all our residents regardless of abilities, bringing joy back to dining for individuals with physical and cognitive challenges.

Why is Watermark introducing Thrive Dining™?
We are confident this program will not only make our residents healthier and reduce unintentional weight loss, it will bring the joy back to dining. It is a wonderful opportunity to offer this program to our residents and we’re proud to do so. “The magic of Thrive Dining™ is that we can use our own, high quality, freshly prepared menu items and transform them into incredibly tasty, nutritionally balanced, protein packed meals. They are served as one-bite and two-bite hors d’oeuvres, intended to be eaten by hand. It’s that simple and that brilliant.” – Rob Bobbitt National Director of Dining, Watermark Retirement Communities

Please take a moment to watch a Thrive Dining™ demonstration with Chefs Pat Caffrey and John Luzader by clicking play on the below video. It articulates our larger vision and invites those living with cognitive or physical challenges to explore this revolutionary dining program that is now available at many Watermark communities.


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